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Gorgeous friends, Paula Shy and Kattie Gold are getting ready for a night out and start comparing each others features, such as their tits! This pair are very competitive and soon they are both naked and still trying to outdo each other! They soon turn passionate and start kissing before Paula spreads her legs and watches Kattie touch herself. Paula gives her redhead friend a golden shower and soaks her then this horny pair get onto the bed and both piss and masturbate each other at the same time! Soon they are licking each others pussies and pissing over each other while thrusting their pussies together! Even when they have finished, they still can't agree on who is better!

Starring: Kattie Gold - Paula Shy
Duration: 29 min 47 sec
Tags: Close pink - Crazy - Lesbian - Mopping - Piss drinking - Pussy Wash

Rating: (4.46/5)
22 Jan2017
Pee Pee Girly Girl said:

Such gorgeous climaxes! Turn up the volume nice and loud for a glorious symphony of orgasms!

03 Dec2016
mainloft66 said:

Thank you VIPIssy for adding Wide Angle Cut. You made me such a great pleasure, I can´t describe. With this bonus you make me a still loyal customer than I already was before. Your movies are the best and you get the most beautiful girls. To enjoy Paula and Kattie with wide camera in this fantastic movies is so wonderful. I hope you will add this bonus more often in future. Thank you so much VIPIssy for this great service.

18 Sep2016
mainloft66 said:

Another fantastic movie with a good story, dirty talk, beautiful girls and an excellent plot. Tastes are different. I love wide camera perspektive, because I enjoy the beautiful girls all in one when they have to piss. Meanwhile I love it to see her pretty faces, enjoy their tits and their perfect bodies. The solution is the reintroduction of bonus clips, close- and for me and others wide cameras. I´m sure you record all movies with two cameras. Back to the movie: If I was Paul, I would prefer both Ladies. Unfortunatly I´m not Paul. Thank you VIPissy for another great movie and thank you Kattie and Paula for wonderful moments.

09 Sep2016
WetDesire said:

I agree with sttp91, there is a need for more close-ups all round and importantly, for these to be longer than just a very quick view. This film is great (a really good set up) but I want to see some wide views, yes, but then to see the real eauty of the models in close-up - and Paula\'s pussy is fully deserving of close-up glory!

01 Sep2016
sttp91 said:

C\'mon, cameraman... not a single closeup shot of Paula\'s pussy between 12:00 and 17:30? Seriously? There were MANY fine opportunities. I love all these girls -- truly great performances here, so I rate the video 4 stars -- but the cameraman is doing a poor job, IMO. It\'s the same with most of the newer videos, actually. I haven\'t lost this many bones since playing fetch with a litter of Golden Retrievers back in "83. So, to summarize: 1) great job girls, and 2) Mr. Camera Guy, please, for the love of all that is holy here in pussy land, I beg of you, put on a raincoat or wetsuit or whatever and get the fuck in there.

30 Aug2016
moWCGyvN said:

Paula is a goddess. I cannot get enough of her!

26 Aug2016
khNPzovO said:

OK I give up...they are both besters. excellent tits, and pussy. I say it\'s a tie.. lets do more with these two, a dick or two would have a nut buster with these pussys

22 Aug2016
Pet8650io said:

Excellent and very sexy!!! I like it very much!!!!!