Classy Daphne

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Classy Daphne dances around in her sexy red lingerie. Wearing no panties, she feels up and down her own body, getting more and more turned on as time passes. She sits atop her clear glass chair and lets free the most amazing piss stream ever . She loves the feel of the urine against her naked ass and it tastes so good between her fingers. She pulls out a glass and fills it with her clear piss. Taking a straw, she fills her mouth with her warm urine and ends the video by pouring it down her perfect body.

23 Sep2015
liquidlover said:

Oh yeah, this is one of the best videos with a single actress. It will fine to look her with an other girl

16 Mar2014
vpFYKyea said:

Boring till pissy scene

01 Jan2014
LolaPop said:

Daphne just has some kind of energy that makes you feel she's a kinky lady who's really enjoying herself. I believe she is enjoying it. Outstanding scene.