Cleaning Lady

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Sexy blonde Nikki is sitting at her desk when naughty maid Eva appears and she wants more than just to clean! Dressed in a tiny short maids outfit she bends over to show off her ass to Nikki who seems to be impressed. Nikki pulls up her dress and reveals her panties and soon after is pantyless with redhead Eva licking her pussy! Our naughty little redhead decides to shower Nikki in golden showers before Nikki strips naked and returns the favour. Now both girls are naked and stunning blonde Nikki licks Eva's pussy as she sits in the chair. These horny girls enjoy more piss play before toying a white vibrator and finally they decide to try some lesbian piss drinking as each one takes turns pissing in the others mouth! What a scene!

29 Sep2016
mainloft66 said:

I love this fantastic movies and the games of Eva and Nikki. And I´m excited to watch Nikki again. For me it´s important to enjoy the girls nude pissing and watch them complete with wide camera. I love to see the beautiful smile of Nikki, her perfect body with strong tits, her long blonde hair when she has to piss. I became a member of VIPissy because here are the most beautiful girls. If there was to much or only close-ups I would cancel my membership. Besides I miss the wide-camera-bonus-clips. By the way, this is a very good movie. Thank you Eva and Nikki, thank you VIPissy for another excellent movie.

18 Sep2016
Pee Pee Girly Girl said:

I agree with WetDesire. Nikki pissing in her panties didn\'t last nearly long enough. Panty-wetting is surely the cutest way to start off a scene! I\'d love to see more of this please, VIPissy. But I then I don\'t want the girl to take off her panties straight away. No; first let her enjoy the nice warm sensation of the urine-soaked fabric clinging to to cunt for a minute or two. That would be most enjoyable. (I should also say that Eva and Nikki are really impressive in this scene. Thank you, girls!)

09 Sep2016
WetDesire said:

Really good video. Excellent pissing from both Nikki and Eva. I wanted more close-ups of the action however. The close-up of Nikki pissing through her panties was so short - and the pussy-licking was over before we had a chance to really see Nikki\'s tongue right inside Eva\'s pussy lips. But what pissing!!!

09 Sep2016
reeboon said:

One of the best!!!

06 Sep2016
khNPzovO said:

Eva is a pisser guyser. more

05 Sep2016
Pet8650io said:

Wow I like your strong fountains very much very nice and naughty - thanks girls!