Golden Slave

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Pee loving brunette Sindy Vega may be skinny and petite but you have got to see her in this pissing movie. She loves giving head but not as much as getting soaked in hot yellow piss. Watch, as Sindy Vega opens her lovely snatch and lets out a stream of hot warm nectar onto a glass chair. She spreads the piss all of her tiny tits and lets the warmth engulf her body. She sits down in the rest of the piss and calls her male lover toward her. She demands that he piss on her chest. She sucks his cock for a quick minute and then continues to play with her pussy, spreading it open with chop sticks while she urinates in a vase. Once there is enough, she gulps down the piss like she hasn't tasted it in months. Sliding her pussy down on her dildo, she demands her lover over again to piss all over her toy filled pussy. Next she plays with her anal toy, reaching for orgasm and loving all the hot piss on her body. It turns her on more then anything. Her love slave pisses into her mouth, trying to quench her thirst but nothing can tame this piss loving nymph. They end the scene with a great fucking session and now Sindy can let her slave rest.

Starring: Sindy Vega
Duration: 35 min 45 sec
Tags: Anal - Babe - BlowJob - Boy-Girl - Close pink - Degustation - Pussy wash - Rinse job - Wet panties - Wet toy

Rating: (4.43/5)
13 Apr2015
Golden Nectar said:

Fantastic video! I love how well she takes a cock. I would love to get my hands on her piss - soaked panties!

11 Mar2015
CSiD99Zw said:

Great video. I like the creampie.

06 Mar2015
pissypussy said:

Where cam I get more of her vids ?!?!?

Reason why I signed up and only one video :(

28 Jan2014
LolaPop said:

Great set - compliments to both the artist and the muse.

03 Jan2014
jvlinton said:

Could you please also consider a POV-pee compilation video that we could enjoy for 10-20 minutes of pure, continuous eye-contact male pissing into a gorgeous woman's mouth?

08 Dec2013
jvlinton said:

More please but please focus on the POV angle when showing a girl this beautiful suckling urine.

You could shoot 10 minutes of her just looking up and taking playful tiny amounts at a time and swilling.

Or again, you could consider a 30-minute 10-guy bukkake adventure shot POV the whole time.

12 Nov2013
desTenyB0859 said:

Really awesome !!! More please