Leila and Gina

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Teen Leila and Gina are two crazy lesbians willing to try anything in this pissing movie. Leila stands over Gina and starts trickling pee through her panties onto her girlfriend’s tight t-shirt. Gina really enjoys this piss soaking and slowly pulls up her soaked tank and allows Leila to fire some more urine onto her pierced belly. Gina then uses a sponge to soak up the puddle and continues to give her girlfriend a rinse job. The fun really starts when Leila grabs a set of kitchen tongs so that she can gape her girlfriend’s pussy wide. Sure enough it does not take long for Gina to start pissing out a strong stream. To return the favor, Gina uses a speculum to spread open her girlfriend’s snatch until Leila lets out a huge flow of warm piss.

Starring: Gina Devine - Leila Smith
Duration: 17 min 10 sec
Tags: Close pink - Crazy - Diving - Lesbian - Piss drinking - Pussy Wash - Rinse Job - Teen - Wet Panties - Wet toy

Rating: (4.28/5)
12 Aug2014
l1u9p7o4 said:

Wow .... leila is stunning and never-ending amaza me.Non I've never seen a girl like her to lick and suck her cunt with so much passion and sweetness.it Seems almost mad with pleasure when he sees the pussy.Io think that when you shoot a scene with a woman feels pleasure is so good at so many times recite.i'm are excited to see her lick her pussy ........... and I would pay gold to lick her plum while emptying the his small bladder in my mouth.Leila thank you for the emotions that you can send. You are fantastic

01 Jan2014
LolaPop said:

Awesome play. Loved the part when Leila collects all of her piss in the panties and then splashes it out all at once. Gina got a great shower.

10 Nov2013
meanwilly said:

Wow. Two smoking hot, beautiful young girls with perfect bodies kissing, pissing and mopping it all up and sharing it. Can't imagine what could be better except for me being there . . .