Seventh Sense

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Two cosplay loving girlfriends are dressed up and ready to play. We have spidergirl Foxie and naughty SWAT team Morgan dressed in skintight costumes and our police officer is in the mood to dominate. Morgan strips out of her outfit and pisses all over Foxie's back, before bending over and lapping up her juices. She sets Foxie free and helps her to undress then Foxie sprays a neat stream of piss into her mouth! The girls kiss passionately with their pee soaked lips and Foxie treats our officer to some pussy licking action. Morgan returns the favour and pees directly into her mouth too. Once these girls are aquainted, Morgan catches more of Foxie's piss in a goblet and pipettes it before firing it all over Foxie. They appear to be having plenty of piss play fun together and continue their scene. Eventually these horny girls are soaking wet as they pour a goblet full of their pee all over their faces and even taste it! Of course no lesbian pissing scene would be complete without some pussy fucking which is achieved with the help of Morgan's police trojan! With a final bit of piss drinking, these soaking wet girls look very satisfied with themselves!

13 Nov2016
Abi-Thornton said:

I keep coming back to this scene. It\'s *so* hot and *so* sexy. I absolutely love, love, love the grand finale where both girls shock the other by drinking their own pee... I love Morgan\'s gasp when Foxie swallows unexpectedly.

13 Nov2016
mainloft66 said:

Another fantastic movie. Pissing in different position. I love to see Morgan´s bottom when she has to pee. Both girls with long piss scenes and besides both Ladies are so beautiful, with exciting bodies. Thank you very much VIPIssy, It´s true, your movies are true work of art.

30 Sep2016
WetDesire said:

Loved this film. Such a simple premise, but so well executed by both Morgan and Foxie T. I loved Foxie\'s amazing pissing (2 minutes after starting she is lying in a deep lake of her own pee), and I do not think I have ever seen so much pissing straight into mouths - Incredible from both! I loved the drinking at the end - all their piss was shared beautifully. Thank you to both Morgan and Foxie for sharing so much!

27 Sep2016
barada42 said:

Why aren\'t all new videos in VR? :(

26 Sep2016
Pee Pee Girly Girl said:

I\'ve now watched this scene through a couple more times. Actually the black backdrop (which I didn\'t like) and the clever lighting really makes the piss-swapping stand out in a rather beautiful way. Not only is this scene thoroughly perverted ... it\'s a true work of art!

26 Sep2016
delboy359 said:

Morgan is the best on this site. She delivers every time and Foxy does too. What a double act.

26 Sep2016
Pee Pee Girly Girl said:

The setup here is far too contrived. I don\'t like the black backdrop or Foxie\'s silly make-up. It\'s much better when your girls are in a more everyday setting. Ally B and Vanessa D on a bed is perfect. But having said that ... what a scene! It\'s almost unbelievable the amount these girls piss. The piss-swapping is easily the best on your website. Incredible! And it\'s awesome how much of lovely urine ends up covering the girls bodies and especially their pretty faces. Now, if only the storyline had been better.