Shy and Naughty

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Shy and naughty Nolita sheds her shear lingerie and plays with her naked pussy. Soon she can't handle it any longer and gushes piss from her tight pee hole. She sticks a candle deep inside so she can use a pussy pump to suck it out. Her boyfriend is so turned on by her swollen pussy that he can't help but feel the need to pee inside her.In this porn pissing video, She plays around with his warm piss and then relieves him by letting him shoot a nice hot load on her face.

Starring: Nolita
Duration: 19 min 44 sec
Tags: Blowjob - Close pink - Pussy Wash - Shy Pee - Teen - Wet Pussy Pump

Rating: (4.05/5)
23 Jan2016
gFLi107g said:

Very disappointing. She was doing great with that guy but then he had to jerk himself off and it totally ruined this entire video.

23 Sep2015
liquidlover said:

Ok, it's one of the first videos. For me, a pee video without degustation is not a pee video.

19 Sep2014
GoldenBear said:

Needs more piss but still enjoyable

01 Jan2014
LolaPop said:

Great long piss. She could piss more as well. Too shy? Get her back.