Walk the Pet

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Kinky cutie Angel Piaff loves to be her boyfriends pet. She especially loves it when he puts her in a collar and commands her on all fours. Her need to piss immediately takes over and she crawls outside. Angel props one leg up to give us a stunning view of her pussy and flowing steam. Having pissed on her sex partners shoes, she promptly licks up every last drop. He cant take it anymore so he brings her inside for a little piss porn and fingers her tight ass. Angel is overwhelmed with pleasure and jumps on his cock, sucking it deep. Horny and warmed up Angels tight teen ass opens up and takes his throbbing rod. Its not long before she has her boyfriend at the peak of pleasure and pissing in her ass. Hungry to taste him, she opens up her mouth and his warm wet piss flows into her mouth and down her petite body. Angel is immediately satisfied and thanks him by licking his hand.

Starring: Angel Piaff
Duration: 29 min 0 sec
Tags: Anal - Blowjob - Boy-Girl - Close pink - Crazy - Piss drinking - Pussy Wash - Squirting

Rating: (4.39/5)
17 Mar2016
killahgram said:

That girl is so hot, such a nice movie. Love how she suckes his dick and takes his cock inside her lovely ass.

04 Jan2015
mainloft66 said:

Thank you for this nice movie. It´s amazing when beautiful Angel farts while pressing his piss out of her pretty ass.

12 Apr2014
misterpiss said:

Complimenti al regista e soprattutto ad ANGEL perchè ,mi sono eccitato tantissimo quando le hanno pisciato nel culo e poi mentre succhiava il cazzo ha gettato fuori il piscio dal culo a getti.....mmmmh, mai visto una scena del genere.Mi auguro che in futuro se ne vedano più spesso di queste scene....bravi tutti!!!!!

01 Jan2014
LolaPop said:

Amazing story. Angel Piaff is so hot too. Bring her back for more, please.

14 Nov2013
jvlinton said:

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your male-female POV pissing-into-mouth videos.

Please shoot more beautiful young women in such beautiful pee-loving videos!

Also, would you please consider bukkake?

I would love to see a model who looks like this facially smear sperm all over her face POV-style, looking lovingly into the camera, for 20-30 minutes and slowly imbibing the semen. Slowly playing with cum, spitting it back out, blowing bubbles, perhaps gargling -- then finally lovingly swallowing!

All with constant eye contact!

15 Oct2013
desTenyB0859 said:

Angel is a perfect pissing slave. I dream she should be mine . She must now drink her own pee in a glass, bottle... She is naughty how I like. Awesome !!! Come back soon Angel !