Lena Love & Noleta & Paula Shy — 3 Days 3 Mates

Dark haired bombshell Paula is home for a visit and plans to spend all three days with her former girlfriend, Noleta. The reunited lovers waste no time when Paula arrives - the two horny babes head straight to Noleta's bedroom and are both stripped naked within minutes. Passionate kisses soon lead to streams of golden urine splashing against bare skin. The girlfriends are so wrapped up in their own world of lesbian lust and golden showers that they don't immediately realize that Noleta's roommate Lena has been spying on the action. Feeling left out, sexy blonde Lena has been engaging in a little pee play of her own while she listens at the bedroom door. Paula and Noleta find her sitting in the hallway in a puddle of her own piss and massaging her pussy into a state of full arousal. They invite Lena to join them in the bedroom and she eagerly accepts. The three girls are soon using tongues and fingers to explore each other's dripping twats, pausing only long enough to savor an occasional fountain of piss fresh from the source. Although the trio of lovers ends the evening completely spent and sexually satisfied, this is only the first of a three-day holiday. They've gotten just a small taste of their very favorite thing and not one of them is willing to waste a minute of this long weekend. Check out just how naughty three piss-loving hotties can get when they have three whole days to spend together any way they desire.

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Lena Love, Noleta, Paula Shy
Released on:
Oct 25, 2014
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