Bailey & Carrie — Fine Arts

18 year old college coed Carrie is studying art in school, and this week's assignment is to sketch an erotic nude. She invites black haired, slender beauty Bailey over to be her nude model for this assignment. With Carrie intent on turning her work of art into perfection, she realizes that something is missing from the picture - Bailey's glass is empty. Always a stickler for details, Carries decides to remedy it by dropping her denim shorts and using her own golden nectar straight from her bladder to fill the glass. As soon as she notices Bailey's undeniable arousal though, all thoughts of drawing are forgotten. Carrie begins to dribble her warm pee onto the small of her model's back, making a perfect puddle that the young artist can't resist lapping up. Bailey is now as turned on as Carrie is and she wants her turn. Hovering over her younger friend, Bailey parts her delicate pussy lips and showers Carrie with a hot, wet stream of golden urine. She soaks the front of Carrie's thin shirt, causing the fabric to cling and perfectly accentuate her small perky tits. This sets off a full-on lesbian fuck-fest, and neither girl holds anything back. Fingers and tongues delve deep and rivers of hot urine flow, soaking their soft, glistening skin and dripping twats. What started off as a simple sketch on paper turns out to be a beautiful work of living erotic art.

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Bailey, Carrie
Released on:
Sep 6, 2014
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