Brittany Bardot & Loreen — From A Beach

Brittany and Loreen are ready to hit the beach but stop to test their new floaty toy before taking it to the water. The girls want to get their toy nice and wet and they have just the thing; their own hot piss. Licking each other’s pussies gets these girls juices flowing as they relieve their bladders all over each other and their new toy, getting it wet and slippery. The girls continue their pussy pleasures as Brittany lets loose a fresh stream of pee straight into Loreens open mouth and Loreen showers Brittany with her golden nectar, spraying all over Brittany and their floaty toy. The girls are super horny and are now ready to fuck with their other favorite toys; their fists and their little purple dildo. Using her fist, Loreen slowly enters Brittany, filling her tight hole all the way as she cry out in pleasure. Now its Loreens turn to get her hole filled and Brittany willing inserts the little purple dildo into Loreens warm pink pussy, pumping it back and forth to hit all the right spots. Their toy fun wouldn’t be complete without a pussy pump and these girls are all for it. Suctioning their pussies gets these girls ready for one last exchange of golden showers, they cover each other in piss. Completely soaked, both girls are extremely satisfied and are now ready to take their toy to the beach.

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Brittany Bardot, Loreen
Released on:
Oct 15, 2015
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