Carrie & Sweet Cat — Glass Free

While Carrie and Sweet Cat are enjoying a movie at home, Cat starts feeling frisky and begins chucking pieces of popcorn at her unsuspecting friend. Carrie quickly catches on to the blonde's antics and empties her full glass down the front of Cat's blouse. Realizing she has nothing to quench her thirst now, Carrie sets her empty glass aside... after all, who needs a glass when you can drink your favorite beverage straight from between your best friend's legs? The playful pair are soon taking turns spilling their golden nectar onto each other and then lapping up the precious droplets with thirsty tongues. Cat soon finds herself with her face between Carrie's legs, mouth open to catch a stream of hot piss. With her mouth full and dripping, Cat shares a deep and passionate kiss with Carrie, letting the urine flow from her own mouth into her younger friend's. This pee swapping has the dark-haired teen so turned on that she needs to cum soon. Arranging herself into a sixty-nine position gives her perfect access to Cat's dripping pussy and her wet tongue at the same time. Carrie's orgasm is immediately followed by another stream of golden pee, leaving Cat's mouth overflowing with a mixture of her girlfriend's sweet fuck juices. The horny pair isn't even close to being finished though. There's still a lot more fresh piss to be shared before these naughty girlfriends, dripping and glistening, settle back into their movie.

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Carrie, Sweet Cat
Released on:
Nov 22, 2014
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