Antonia Sainz & Luna Ora — Lick Me

Nineteen year old Luna can't keep the dirty thoughts out of her mind as she watches Antonia in her tight little black dress, sexy legs stretched out in front of her. Sneaking up behind the twenty year old brunette, Luna slides one of her own stocking-clad legs over Antonia's shoulder and gets just the response she was hoping for. Soft caresses of the tongue over silky smooth skin soon lead to a deep and passionate kiss. The girls quickly discover that they can't keep their tongues off of each other and that desire only grows when Luna catches a stream of hot pee in her hands and dribbles it onto Antonia's bare skin. She licks the glistening puddles from her lover's back before returning the favor, aiming her own fountain of piss straight onto Antonia's face and open mouth. After an exchange of oral pleasures delivered by expert tongues, a couple of sex toys are brought out and pushed deep into wet holes, resulting in intense orgasms and more flowing piss. One thing is certain... passion never fails to erupt whenever Antonia and Luna get together!

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Antonia Sainz, Luna Ora
Released on:
Dec 13, 2014
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