Kery Miller & Oprah — Oprah

Kery wastes no time getting on her knees, she’s horny and wants Oprahs pussy now. More than willingly Oprah spreads her legs and welcomes Kery into her warm pink pussy. Now its Oprahs turn to get on her knees as Kery lets lose a stream of golden piss all over Oprahs back. These lesbian lovers aren’t shy about their pee fetish and decide they need more of each other’s sweet golden nectar. Kery has just the thing in mind when she whips out her favorite drinking glass, ready for Oprah to fill it up with her stream of fresh piss. Oprah gladly releases herself, turning Kery on even more that she just can’t keep herself from lapping up every missed drop of Oprahs delicious warm juices. The glass is full and both piss loving lesbians are ready to quench their thirst while enjoying a bath of warm piss all over their bodies. The hot lesbian pissing doesn’t end there though. Both girls are ready for more and they both have more to give. Kery knows it’s now her turn to fill up the glass and she does so without hesitation. She is ready to squirt for her lesbian lover and tells Oprah every drop is just for her. By this time the girls are ready for some hardcore pussy licking and fucking. Pouring just a little piss all over Kerys warm pussy Oprah gets just what she wants as she licks and sucks Kerys piss flavored cunt to climax. Always one to make sure her lover is satisfied Kery throws Oprah on the couch and gets straight down business. Licking and fucking Oprahs tight pussy with a little red dildo until she screams with pleasure and cums more than she ever has before. Kery won’t stop there though, she continues to plunge her little red dildo deeper and deeper into Oprahs pussy until she bursts and lets out a final stream of fresh warm piss. Knowing her job is done Kery and Oprah lay satisfied on the couch happily enjoying their latest piss escapade.

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Kery Miller, Oprah
Released on:
Apr 3, 2015
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