Tiffany Fox & Zuzana Zed — Ring of Fire

When 22 year old brunette Tiffany goes shopping for new panties and candles, she has more than just a romantic evening in mind. Arriving home, she instructs her roommate Zuzana to put on one set of matching cotton panties and tank top while Tiffany slips into the other. The blonde roommate is immediately intrigued, knowing that something very hot and wet is about to follow. Pressing her mouth to Tiffany's crotch, Zuzana begins to suck on her younger friend's pussy lips right through the fabric of the soft panties and soon feels a warm dampness spreading through the cotton and soaking her lips and tongue. As Tiffany peels off her wet panties, she asks the blonde to bring the candles from the shopping bag and set the wicks on fire. With her legs spread wide, the eager coed feels excitement growing between her legs as one lit candle is pushed into her juicy twat and the other straight into her tight pink asshole. Now it's Zuzana's turn to empty her full bladder. She squats over her kinky roommate and lets go, spraying a stream of hot piss all over the burning candles, extinguishing the flames. Tiffany can't help but giggle as she feels the fresh urine splashing against her bare skin and trickling into her open pussy. Not wanting to miss out on this special treat, Zuzana bends down to lap up the warm fluid from her friend's dripping snatch and is overcome with excitement when Tiffany assures her that there's plenty more where that came from.

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Tiffany Fox, Zuzana Zed
Released on:
Jun 5, 2014
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