Vanessa Hell — Tea Time

Sexy blonde Vanessa Hell is in the middle of a heated argument with her boyfriend. Never one to leave things unresolved, Vanessa quickly returns after storming off in anger. It doesn't take her long to discover that something isn't right with the tea she left on the table. What Vanessa didn't know was that her boyfriend discarded her warm tea and replaced it with his own urine, dropping the tea bag back in for some extra flavor. Rather than getting angry, the devious blonde sees this as an opportunity to turn an argument into some steamy hot make-up sex... with a golden twist. Pulling her panties to the side, Vanessa unleashes a massive stream of hot piss all over her beau, then invites him to return the favor. Propped on hands and knees, Vanessa opens her mouth to catch the golden pee on her tongue. This kicks off a long round of back-and-forth golden showers and hot rinses. The lovers eventually find themselves physically satisfied with their fight a distant memory. Vanessa's golden skin is tingling from orgasmic bliss and her face is covered with fresh jizz. There's only one thing she can think of to rinse away the gooey mess... one last fountain of glistening piss.

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Vanessa Hell
Released on:
Dec 20, 2014
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