Anita B

Anita B
Age: 18
Height: 151 cm / 4' 12"
Weight: 45 kg / 99 lbs
Breasts: A
Country: Hungary
Rating: (4.72/5)
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Pissing Video Minnie & Anita
25 Jul2016

Minnie & Anita

Gorgeous brunette Anita is writing in the lounge when her sexy friend Minnie appears. Minnie has other ideas and immediately sprays her golden piss all over Anita's work! Instead of Anita getting angry,... Show more

Tags: Diving - Girl Girl pissing - Mopping - Piss drinking - Pissing in mouth - Pussy Wash - Squirting - Wet toy
Duration: 36 min 15 sec

Pissing Video Loving Hands
28 Apr2015

Loving Hands

Two petite girls - playful and cute Adele along with fiery and sultry Anita - drench their bed as they partake in a daydream that becomes a reality. Dressed in a vivid red and black dress, Anita oils up... Show more

Tags: Girl Girl pissing - Piss drinking - Pissing in mouth - Pussy Wash
Duration: 40 min 21 sec

Pissing Video Love Me Tender
11 Mar2014

Love Me Tender

Splish splash Anita was taking a bath. But soon her sexy lover Jessica came to dry her off. Gently she towel drys her and helps her out of the tub, giving her that sexy come piss on me look she always... Show more

Tags: Diving - Girl Girl pissing - Piss drinking - Pissing in mouth - Pussy Wash - Wet Panties - Wet Pussy Pump - Wet toy
Duration: 29 min 37 sec

17 Jul2015
icer301 said:

Would love to see a video with Anita B
And Lexi Dona

03 Jun2015
Mike4Fun3 said:

Anita, you are hot all over, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. I hope you do more scenes, I love to watch them.

24 May2015
rimini said:

Anita, u r a dream!!!
I'd like to see a lot of lesbian feet action...

08 May2015
mainloft66 said:

Anita, thank you for these wonderful moments. You are so beautiful, with warm eyes, lovely hair, a pretty face and a fantastic body. Every second to watch you, is a present.

04 Jan2015
WetAmy said:

Anita, I'm amazed no one has posted a comment yet.

You are so pretty and pure ~ like a delicate flower that needs to be watered with gentle showers of warm piss. Your eyes are deep and beautiful. Please come back for some more scenes!

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