Beth Savannah

Beth Savannah
Age: 25
Height: 172 cm / 5' 8"
Weight: 66 kg / 145 lbs
Breasts: C
Country: Latvia
Rating: (4.61/5)
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Pissing Video Rainy Savannah
18 Mar2014

Rainy Savannah

If your looking for a sexy striptease video of a hot sexy babe, then you've come to the right place. Rainy Savannah lets everything loose and when she pisses in her fresh silk panties, you are likely to... Show more

Duration: 32 min 28 sec

Pissing Video Beth and Loreen
14 Jan2014

Beth and Loreen

Beth is ready to teach Loreen about being a lesbian. Loreen's very first lesbian experience is for VIPissy and we can't wait to show these two off to you. By the end of this video, these two are so wet... Show more

Duration: 42 min 38 sec


Savannah Rain


The Lessons

10 Apr2015
Pewter1 said:

Beth is beautiful, sexy and very sexualised. She is wonderful in each of her scenes to date, and is in control of what is happening - either directing Loreen or even when she is being fisted. A stunning performer. Thank you to Vipissy and to Beth!

09 Nov2014
DickBran07 said:

Everything you do is perfect Savannah, you are a great actress, I love the way you suck and play in your mouth a pissing cock, is delightful. I love you piss, I'd love to kiss your pissing pussy and lick your lovely asshole, I would love to see you open up your lovely ass hole while pissing in a girl or guy mouth. It would be fantastic to ware hi heels and stockings. I love to see close up of you taking a piss after cum in your mouth, is just fantastic, love you girl, please com with more...

28 Jun2014
Mikolita said:

Beautiful bush and one of the hottest models.

05 Mar2014
Saotome64 said:

Revolutionizing the bush movement, Beth is one of the best.

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