Foxie T

Foxie T
Age: 26
Height: 173 cm / 5' 9"
Weight: 55 kg / 121 lbs
Breasts: A
Country: Czech Republic
Rating: (4.54/5)
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Pissing Video Home Competition
23 Oct2017

Home Competition

Naughty babe Foxie T is sat at her dressing table thinking up a taboo competition that she can do against her girlfriend, Teressa Bizarre. When Teressa enters the room, Foxie gets onto the bed to tempt... Show more

Tags: Clothed Pissing - Diving - Girl Girl pissing - Golden Shower - Licking Up Piss - Mopping - Piss Play - Piss Spitting - Piss drinking - Pissing girls - Pissing in glass - Pissing on Pussy - Pissing on self - Pussy Wash - Sensual - Sucking On Clothing - Toys - Wet Hair - Xtras
Duration: 25 min 32 sec

Pissing Video Dance For Me
7 Nov2016

Dance For Me

Gorgeous redhead secretary Foxie is playing on her phone and looking at photos of stunning girls. Her girlfriend Doroty gives her a surprise and turns up at her door, just in time for some lesbian pissing... Show more

Tags: Clothing Mopping - Diving - Girl Girl pissing - Golden Shower - Pee Swapping - Piss Play - Piss Spitting - Piss drinking - Pissing girls - Pissing in mouth - Pissing on Pussy - Pussy Wash - Squirting - Wet Panties - Wet toy
Duration: 30 min 17 sec

Pissing Video Seventh Sense
26 Sep2016

Seventh Sense

Two cosplay loving girlfriends are dressed up and ready to play. We have spidergirl Foxie and naughty SWAT team Morgan dressed in skintight costumes and our police officer is in the mood to dominate.... Show more

Tags: Girl Girl pissing - Golden Shower - Pee Swapping - Piss Play - Piss drinking - Pissing girls - Pissing in glass - Pissing in mouth - Pissing on self - Pussy Wash - Squirting - Wet toy
Duration: 31 min 48 sec

24 Nov2017
xf4tg1bxwtju said:


18 Oct2017
quivers said:

Can't wait to see home competition.

24 Sep2017
quivers said:

Want to see more of Foxie!

24 Aug2017
n7fcc7kx9cpg said:

Love Foxie T's Anus and suckable long pussy lips.

14 Aug2017
n7fcc7kx9cpg said:

Love Foxie T's long pussy lips. So suckable.

01 Jul2017
zqcjpsgxvryr said:

Very cool redhead girl with tattoos, which is very horny and wild, and loves pee.

28 Mar2017
Pmk8E2NU said:

Newly I watched hte videos from Foxie again and I must say, "Foxie, I love you". I think I would love to se another video from her, even it will took me 32 Tokens. 1000 Tokens aren't enough for Foxie

24 Nov2016
Pee Pee Girly Girl said:

Hello, Foxie! I hope you're not offended if I tell you that I'm not a fan of heavy tattooing. So I'm quite surprised to find myself falling in love with you. Why do I adore you so much? First, I worship pretty redheads, and you are gorgeous. Then there's your scene with Doroty. You totally throw yourself into the action in such a dirty, debauched and delightful way. Finally, at the end of that scene, your pissing pussy and divine anus is one of the most beautifully and erotic sights ever. It'd make my dreams come true to see you again - ideally pissing with a toy up your exquisite ass.

15 Nov2016
Pmk8E2NU said:

Foxies tattoos are very hot. But that is just my opinion. Foxie is the best

12 Nov2016
WetDesire said:

Had to update my earlier comment following 'Dance For Me'. Foxie is simply 100% gorgeous. I love to watch her. I clearly have a 'thing' for Foxie and I cannot think of anything better!

06 Nov2016
WetDesire said:

Foxie has such a beautiful face, shapely body, glorious pussy, and looks gret in her dresses and gear. While I do not find her tattoos attractive, I do find she is amazing.

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