Jessica Rox

Jessica Rox
Age: 20
Height: 158 cm / 5' 3"
Weight: 49 kg / 108 lbs
Breasts: B
Country: Czech Republic
Rating: (4.76/5)
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Pissing Video Jessica's Choice
13 Jun2016

Jessica's Choice

Cute brunette Kitty is looking through her mobile when her girlfriend turns up and this pair feel really horny. They start to undress each other and then start pussy licking and fingering fun before they... Show more

Duration: 35 min 59 sec

Pissing Video Don't Be Jealous
8 Jul2014

Don't Be Jealous

Feisty coed Kirsten has always loved cock. She just can't seem to get enough. So when her best friend and roommate is out shopping for the afternoon, Kirsten takes advantage of the fact that Jessica's... Show more

Duration: 46 min 57 sec

Pissing Video Love Me Tender
11 Mar2014

Love Me Tender

Splish splash Anita was taking a bath. But soon her sexy lover Jessica came to dry her off. Gently she towel drys her and helps her out of the tub, giving her that sexy come piss on me look she always... Show more

Duration: 29 min 37 sec

Pissing Video Wet Yoga
10 Dec2013

Wet Yoga

Jessica Rox loves her Yoga! The feel of her body stretching and getting more loose with each move puts her in the mood for naughty things! Just in time, her lover senses her mood and walks into the room.... Show more

Duration: 28 min 10 sec

Pissing Video Two Nurses
24 Sep2013

Two Nurses

Two hot lesbian nurses explore each other pussys, gently licking and stroking each other. After a little more playing, they decide it would be fun to relieve themselves on each others high heels and stocking... Show more

Duration: 25 min 3 sec


Kiity & Jessica


Love Me Tender


Yoga Style


Nurses C


Nurses Rox

01 Aug2016
WetDesire said:

Beautiful Jessica. The picture above says so much - Beautiful face, hair, body. But it doesn't show us the pissing and sex that Jessica is so good at. So sexy!

06 Jun2016
Sokinwet said:

One of the sexiest girls on the net.

06 Feb2015
Pewter1 said:

Jessica Rox is beautiful, sexy and very sensuous. She controls the scenes she is in beautifully - a wonderful actress.

17 Jan2015
mainloft66 said:

Jessica, I love you. You are so pretty and your smile is wonderful.

06 Oct2014
DickBran07 said:

Jessica you are one of the best girls out there, love your piss drinking techniques, you are amazing... please more. I really hope we'll piss fuck together, I dream to get your sweet piss to fill my mouth and drink it and swap it with you, oh what a dream...

05 Dec2013
gerrburg said:

I love you Jessica! you are a super pissing gorgeous woman. Would love to drink your piss and do a pissy-69 with you.

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