Age: 20
Height: 168 cm / 5' 7"
Weight: 55 kg / 121 lbs
Breasts: C
Country: Czech Republic
Rating: (4.78/5)
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Pissing Video Human Toilets
7 May2018

Human Toilets

Big boobed blonde Oprah is putting her makeup on in front of the mirror when her gorgeous friend, Puppy comes into the room and starts to strip from her red fishnet stockings. Both girls look at each... Show more

Tags: Clothed Pissing - Girl Girl pissing - Golden Shower - Licking Up Piss - Piss Play - Piss Spitting - Piss drinking - Pissing In Panties - Pissing girls - Pissing in glass - Pissing in mouth - Pissing on Pussy - Pissing on self - Pussy Wash - Rimming - Sensual - Sucking On Clothing - Toys - Wet Hair - Wet Panties - Wet toy
Duration: 34 min 45 sec

Pissing Video In The Garage
2 Oct2017

In The Garage

Stunning blondes Brittany Bardot and Oprah team up in this VIPissy update where Oprah is in the garage trying to fix her motorbike. Bet you didn't think mechanics existed that look like her! Brittany... Show more

Tags: Ass To Mouth - Clothed Pissing - Clothing Mopping - Diving - Girl Girl pissing - Golden Shower - Licking Up Piss - Mopping - Pee Swapping - Piss Play - Piss Spitting - Piss drinking - Pissing During Insertion - Pissing girls - Pissing in glass - Pissing in mouth - Pussy Wash - Rimming - Sucking On Clothing - Wet Hair
Duration: 31 min 22 sec

Pissing Video Checkmate
12 Sep2016


Gorgeous girls Dafne and Oprah are playing chess at the glass table when sexy blonde Oprah wins the game. Dafne pulls up her dress and pisses over the chess set as a distraction then both girls lap up... Show more

Tags: Girl Girl pissing - Mopping - Pee Swapping - Piss drinking - Pissing girls - Pissing in glass - Pissing in mouth - Pussy Wash - Squirting - Wet toy
Duration: 26 min 23 sec

Pissing Video The Winner
9 Mar2016

The Winner

Oprah and Ella are gaming it up when a series of power combos from Oprah provokes a friendly agitation for Ella. Gaming is a good way for them to spend some time together, but it's not their true calling.... Show more

Tags: Diving - Girl Girl pissing - Mopping - Piss drinking - Pissing in mouth - Pussy Wash - Squirting - Wet Pussy Pump - Wet toy
Duration: 31 min 30 sec

Pissing Video Taste Of Panties
14 Apr2015

Taste Of Panties

This update marks the return of Oprah after a long hiatus of working with us. Our original duo was Oprah and Kerry Miller - but things didn't work out for the video - so we substituted Antonia for Kerry.... Show more

Tags: Girl Girl pissing - Pissing in mouth - Pussy Wash - Wet Panties - Wet toy
Duration: 37 min 39 sec

Pissing Video Enologist
29 Oct2013


Big tit, blonde Oprah gives a new meaning to making a piss drinking. She anxiously relieves herself by peeing into a clear glass, feeling it up as much as she can. Next, Oprah takes a sip of warn piss... Show more

Tags: Boy Girl pissing - Diving - Piss drinking - Pissing in mouth - Pussy Wash
Duration: 31 min 49 sec

03 May2018
Dionysus1 said:

You are still one of my Favorites, but i really don´t know why you do that "Boob Job" on you! You where just perfect the way you are, and now you have these "Things" in front of you.
I still think you are one of the greatest Girls on VIP but i altough can´t understand why you destroy your perfection....

09 Oct2016
oblodo3 said:

aka BlondSweetie aka Nikki... escort girl for hire. You can find loads of her videos on a so called amature site...But she is wonderful

06 Feb2016
Pee Pee Girly Girl said:

I so agree. Every bit of Oprah is simply magnificent. VIPissy seems to have a thing about having new girls in every scene. But I'd much pefer to see some of their gorgeous women, like Oprah, back again. Anyone want to see a three-girl scene with Oprah, Morgan and Lexi Dona?

26 Oct2015
gx3G8koF said:

You are so beautiful Oprah, such a talented actress.Love your pissing pussy, love you so gracefully drinking piss. I'd love to see you in black stockings and get your lovely hair piss soaked... maybe nest time. Kiss you pissing pussy, love you.

20 Sep2015
mainloft66 said:

Wonderful, beautiful, a face like an angel. Please return soon, pretty Oprah.

09 Apr2015
rogerdodger said:

What a special, gorgeous, perfect girl. I could watch her piss all day long. While she was doing this, I would ideally be lying on the ground at her feet!!!!

08 Aug2014
micha1573 said:

I love this sweety!!

05 Mar2014
Saotome64 said:

Absolutely stunning. Every part of her body is perfect. Look up voluptuous in the dictionary, and Oprah's name is in the definition. And those eyes and that smile...

19 Nov2013
johnrizer111 said:

Am in love!

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