Susan Ayne

Susan Ayne
Age: 20
Height: 175 cm / 5' 9"
Weight: 55 kg / 121 lbs
Breasts: B
Country: Czech Republic
Rating: (4.80/5)
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Pissing Video After Party
1 Jun2016

After Party

Pretty brunette Susan Ayn and her friend Proxy are having a bit of fun with drinking games. Susan pees through her panties and Proxy rubs her fingers on her golden juices before sticking them in Susan's... Show more

Tags: Girl Girl pissing - Piss drinking - Pissing in mouth - Pussy Wash - Wet Panties - Wet toy
Duration: 39 min 11 sec

Pissing Video Super Nymphs
30 Dec2015

Super Nymphs

Susan Ayne has become one of the most prolific pissers we have gotten to work with. Susan, however, is much more than just a purveyor of this divine ability. Typically where it would be much easier to... Show more

Tags: Diving - Girl Girl pissing - Piss drinking - Pissing in mouth - Pussy Wash - Squirting
Duration: 45 min 10 sec

Pissing Video Nymph()mania
10 Jun2014


VIPissy is proud to bring you a special film to celebrate the first anniversary of the site - the most erotic and artistically directed pissing video ever captured on film. In addition to the stunning... Show more

Tags: Boy Girl pissing - Diving - Girl Girl pissing - Piss drinking - Pissing in mouth - Pussy Wash - Squirting
Duration: 1 h 3 min 40 sec

29 May2016
oTgsCscv said:

I love to piss in my mouth too, and would like to lie down and wank under a stream of Susan's piss. I like to see girls wank each other too.

14 May2016
Pee Pee Girly Girl said:

Susan, you are so gorgeous. I love your tall shapely body, long legs and pretty smile. Your pissy sex is so hot and full on. I have one request, though. Please come back again for another girl-girl scene. But next time I'd love it if you'd piss upside down. That would be the perfect way to show off all your assets. Thank you!

11 Jun2015
piratepimp said:

She's the BEST model on this site i've seen yet..., please bring her again or others who are more to her level. Absolutely phenomenal lady.

01 Jun2015
Mike4Fun3 said:

It would be great to see more of this hot piss Sub. What a dream it would be to piss on her.

18 Oct2014
jaynbi said:

Words can't describe how natural she is on set its lovely to see a beautiful woman giving so much pleasure to us the viewers

07 Oct2014
coparush said:

i love you susan

03 Oct2014
DickBran07 said:

Susan you are truly fantastic babe, you are the best. I dream that i'll be so lucky and you piss in my mouth. you are so inspiring that i piss in my mouth thinking of you. Piss drinking is lovely and sexy as long as you drink lots ans lots af water before, than you piss just water. keep going baby... hope one day we'll piss fuck...

19 Sep2014
GoldenBear said:

This Piss Queen has me wanking non-stop. More please!

12 Aug2014
nedonadi said:


04 Jun2014
gerrburg said:

Susan Ayne is realy a pissadict! Pissing everywhere and get a lot of piss from anyone. It looks that Susan even drinks piss as a normal deink for every day! I won't be surprised if she loves to piss in bed to instead of the cooch.

31 May2014
Vice Fan said:

Oh my God.. What a sexy hot Vixen this Susan is indeed ! This girl really radiates / exudes sex all over !

Can’t wait for the movie to come.. This profile pic (the way she look) makes me go wild

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