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Pissing Video Jessica Lincoln
10 Apr2017

Jessica Lincoln

Jessica, like most girls, is into selfie pics and videos as well. She's well into her session when her friend walks into the room and offers a bonus to her project. She frames the shot as he pisses into... Show more

Starring: Jessica Lincoln
Duration: 31 min 50 sec
Available in: 4K HD SD

Pissing Video Mission Possible
2 Jan2017

Mission Possible

Gorgeous blonde Chrissy Fox features on ViPissy in quite an unusual scene where our guy wears black from head to toe and as pretty Chrissy is laying on a glass table, she gets sprayed with golden showers!... Show more

Starring: Chrissy Fox
Duration: 28 min 37 sec
Available in: 4K HD SD

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Pissing Video Foxies & Puppy
26 Dec2016

Foxies & Puppy

Today on ViPissy we have a combination of two gorgeous blondes, Foxies and Puppy. Both wearing sheer bodystockings, these stunning babes start kissing and can't wait to get more intimate with each other!... Show more

Starring: Puppy - Foxies
Duration: 34 min 29 sec
Available in: 4K HD SD

Pissing Video Victoria Pure
12 Dec2016

Victoria Pure

Hot blonde Victoria Pure is in a very naughty mood as she sits on the sofa with her guy. She slides her hand up underneath the blanket covering his manhood and then opens her dressing gown to reveal her... Show more

Starring: Victoria Pure
Duration: 30 min 46 sec
Available in: 4K HD SD

Pissing Video Circus 69
22 Jul2015

Circus 69

Foxies is relaxing on the couch when Alexis walks up to her with a thought in mind. She mentions to Foxies that she needs to pee so she asks her friend to sit still. Shoes and all, Alexis climbs onto the... Show more

Starring: Alexis Crystal - Foxies
Duration: 35 min 38 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video Surprise Me
20 Jan2015

Surprise Me

Every once in a while, Donna Joe and Naty Lee try to reward themselves by taking turns surprising each other. A blindfolded Naty Lee is at the kind mercy of Donna Joe, awaiting Donna's envisioned desires.... Show more

Starring: Donna Joe - Naty Lee
Duration: 36 min 30 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video Curious Teens
23 Dec2014

Curious Teens

Ashley stops by Katy's house to pick her up for a night out. With Ashley's laundry equipment on the fritz, she asks Katy if she will let her borrow something to wear. Katy gladly obliges and gathers a... Show more

Starring: Katy Rose - Ashley Love
Duration: 35 min 31 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video Miss Boss's Daughter
4 Nov2014

Miss Boss's Daughter

Whatever Anna Rose wants, Anna Rose gets. That's one of the benefits of being the only daughter of a wealthy business owner. Anna didn't ask for a management position in one of her dad's offices because... Show more

Starring: Anna Rose
Duration: 34 min 23 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video Alter Yoga
21 Oct2014

Alter Yoga

When sexy Russian babes Sabrina and Taissia meet for their morning yoga session, Sabrina has more than just exercise on her mind. Seeing her younger friend positioned on the floor between Sabrina's open... Show more

Starring: Taissia - Sabrina
Duration: 27 min 51 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video Mermaids
26 Aug2014


Curvy black-haired babe Kira is soaking in a bath while her roommate Mea is getting ready for her day. Kira decides to add a special ingredient to the bath water... fresh warm piss. When Mea spies the... Show more

Starring: Mea Melone - Kira Queen
Duration: 30 min 19 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video Wet Stockings
12 Aug2014

Wet Stockings

All dressed up in lingerie and stockings, petite blonde beauties Noleta and Sicilia want to make this an evening they'll never forget. As the two exchange thoughts of their wildest fantasies, they realize... Show more

Starring: Noleta - Sicilia
Duration: 36 min 16 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video Love is a Burning Thing
17 Jun2014

Love is a Burning Thing

Curvy blonde Zuzana and dark haired vixen Tiffany are more than just roommates. These two naughty girls are also lesbian lovers who share an infatuation with piss. So when Tiffany returns from a shopping... Show more

Starring: Zuzana Zed - Tiffany Fox
Duration: 41 min 32 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video Nymph()mania
10 Jun2014


VIPissy is proud to bring you a special film to celebrate the first anniversary of the site - the most erotic and artistically directed pissing video ever captured on film. In addition to the stunning... Show more

Starring: Susan Ayne
Duration: 1 h 3 min 40 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video Wet Dream
27 May2014

Wet Dream

Jenny's beautiful wet dream turns into reality when her girlfriend Clair awakens her with a stream of hot piss. Jenny's full bladder needs to be emptied too, and as she spreads her legs and lets go, Clair... Show more

Starring: Clair Brooks - Jenny
Duration: 34 min 14 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video The Domino Effect
8 Apr2014

The Domino Effect

Dido Angel and Noleta are having a little fun with dominoes but this is not the same game you're thinking of. This game involves getting wet! After soaking Noleta's back with her hot piss, Dido begins... Show more

Starring: Dido Angel - Noleta
Duration: 37 min 28 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video Love Me Tender
11 Mar2014

Love Me Tender

Splish splash Anita was taking a bath. But soon her sexy lover Jessica came to dry her off. Gently she towel drys her and helps her out of the tub, giving her that sexy come piss on me look she always... Show more

Starring: Jessica Rox - Anita B
Duration: 29 min 37 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video Late For Work
25 Feb2014

Late For Work

I am late for work, what are you doing?? Alyssa protests in laughter but she really can't wait to taste the sweet nectar coming from her lovers pussy. At first it's just a fun game to these two but after... Show more

Starring: Mia - Alyssa Reece
Duration: 31 min 48 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video Sunny Day
18 Feb2014

Sunny Day

It's a perfect day for a bath outside. Although Sandy does not actually want to bathe in water, she wants to bathe in her own warm piss. We zoom in close as she starts to urinate from the sides of her... Show more

Starring: Sandy Ambrosia
Duration: 28 min 48 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video A Dry Flower
4 Feb2014

A Dry Flower

Violette's flower is pretty dry after being freshly planted. She could use a little moisture to help perk it up. Her lover has no problem assisting in the fresh soaking. Violette opens up wide and enjoys... Show more

Starring: Violette
Duration: 37 min 20 sec
Available in: HD SD

Pissing Video Dear Santa
17 Dec2013

Dear Santa

Chelsy only has one wish for Christmas and only one person can grant that for her. She calls on Santa to fulfill her dream, her dream of waking up Christmas morning to a man who will piss all over her.... Show more

Starring: Chelsy Sun
Duration: 32 min 23 sec
Available in: HD SD

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