Jan 7, 2014
Oxana — Alpha and Omega
Oxana is being casted today for our site and I must say I am very excited by what I've seen. This hot blonde has a body of a goddess and can pee for days. Every mans pissing fetish fantasy. Watch her strip off her clothes for our camera and remove all her ambitions. Once she is completely naked she gets to pee for us for the first time! She is a little shy and a little nervous but its fun to watch that quickly disappear form her face. She lets the stream flow from her puffy shaved pussy and looks at the piss in amazement. Watching her fills my mind with more fantasies then I had before. This hardcore beauty loves to suck cock to. Watch as she takes the dick deep into her mouth. Sucking it faster and faster. The groans of her lover can be heard for miles and soon his cum fills her chest. She smiles at the accomplishment and is more turned on then ever. Now it's her turn to show us what she really has in store for us. Her favorite thing to do it soak her panties with piss and drink it. She will find whatever she can in the kitchen and house to get the job done. She finds vegetables of all sizes and begins to explore herself more and more. it isn't long before she is completely soaked with her own urine and the kitchen table is a swimming pool of pissing pleasure. Even the by-standards can't help but get in on the action. Watch as she masturbates and moans loudly while she gets covered in piss from the side. She is so thirsty from all this action and drinks up all the urine she cans before she happily sucks off another lover. You will be amazed by all the amazing pissing action in this piss soaked video!

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