Billie Star, Mona Kim
Mar 24, 2015
Billie Star & Mona Kim — No Pedicure
Hot bodied and big breasted Billie Star tangos with the sensual oriental Mona Kim. These girls are extremely natural, and we get a good dose of their sexual wisdom from their instinctive behaviors. Billie tries to pee a couple of times with no luck. Mona gives her a chance to get things going before climbing on the table to pee without giving it a second thought. Moments later, Billie is pissing on the table guilefully from the normally improper - and equally arousing - urinal pose. As the girls get more intimate, Billie licks at Mona's exquisite pink pussy, taking some pee straight to her mouth without being overzealous. With Mona bent over the sofa, Billie reveals that pink wonderland once again, exposing Mona's pussy while she pees. Now masturbating with a large dildo, Mona sits below Billie's most daring pose, taking some of Billie's piss straight into her mouth. The girls get wetter and wetter, and the pissing keeps as erotic as can be with Mona spreading for a nice piss followed by Billie's forceful piss as she lays wide open on the sofa. The girls take a final piss, aiming for a glass in their partner's hand. Mona's piss is quite nice as her power stream foams going into the glass.

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