Our girls fill every pot, vase and glass with their piss


If something can contain pee, then it isn't safe from our VIPissy girls! They'll grab whatever they can - pots, vases, dishes - and fill them with hot gushing piss. Then they'll gulp the intoxicating pussy fluids and spit the juice into all over one another - just like Morgan and Foxie T do here. They love it - so do we - and you will, too!

Vinna getting her clit licked leads to some glorious pissing

Vinna clit suck

Adele and Vinna Reed are indulging in some superbly sensual sex. Vinna's sensitive pink clit is growing bigger and bigger as Adele licks it, sucks it and explores it with her probing tongue. As Vinna gets increasingly aroused, she also gets more and more desperate to piss. Eventually, she can't hold back any longer. In great spurts she pees right into Adele's eagerly waiting mouth. This only turns these two beautiful women on even more, and the afternoon turns into one glorious feast of fucking and pissing.

Lucia turns round to piss on Isabella

Lucia Pees on Isabella

When it was time to Lucia Denvile to piss, Isabella Chrystin encouraged her to turn round pee with her luscious legs wide apart. Isabella loved this. It was one of her favourite positions for pissy sex. Not only could she drink Lucia's sublime juices, but she could also enjoy the glorious sight of Lucia's lovely smile, ample tits and pretty pink pussy.

Our VIPissy girls pee in many different positions. Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Brittany Bardot amazes us

Brittany Bardot amazes us

At VIPissy we see lots of wonderful peeing, but every now and again our lovely women really amaze us with their piss. That's certainly what Brittany Bardot did! She opened her legs wide - and her pussy even wider, showing off her pink treasures. Then she shot out one powerful jet of pee. We were surprised just how fast the growing puddle spread across the floor. (We weren't surprised that Oprah wanted to catch the liquid in her hand and drink it. She's a woman who loves tasting pee.) Afterwards, both Brittany and Oprah continued some breathtaking fucking. You can watch it all in their fantastic video.

Nothing tastes better than soaking wet panties

Nothing tastes better than a pair of soaking wet panties. - And the wetter the better! - As Antonia Sainz and Oprah suck on their own damp underwear, they appreciate the deliciously subtle flavors of fresh piss, and also breathe in the rich aroma of luscious urine.

Our VIPissy girls love pissing in their panties. But should we have more panty-wetting? Let us know in the comments.

Come more or pee more?

Over the years VIPissy has got better and better, but some of the old scenes are still my favourites. I still get a kick out of watching Mia expertly squeezing Alyssa Reece's gorgeous clitoris between her finger and thumb, and gently, but firmly, massaging it. Not surprisingly, this really gets Alyssa incredibly aroused. Finally (almost in tears) she moans: "I don't know whether I want to come more or pee more!" Luckily for her (and for us) she comes and pees. And what an orgasm it is!

VIPissy girls not only pee gallons, but come spectacularly. So which do you like: the piss or the orgasms? Let us know in the comments.

Aika and Vanessa share a tender pissing moment

After a good hard fuck, Vanessa Twain and Aika Mai enjoy a moment of tender intimacy. First they rub their sensitive genitals together so that each woman enjoys the feeling of her lover's smooth pussy against her own fleshy cunt. Then, as they lie back and relax with their shapely legs in the air, both ladies relieve themselves with a burst of hot pee. The warm fluid sprays over the two of them until they're sitting in a puddle of their own piss. It's this kind of sensuous encounter that makes our models love performing for VIPissy!