Samantha Jolie & Vanessa Hell — A Twister

Blonde girlfriends Vanessa and Samantha are playing a friendly game of Twister. Samantha is up first, but once she finds herself twisted into a rather awkward position, an overwhelming urge to empty her bladder hits. Not even bothering to remove her panties first, the playful blonde lets go right there on the Twister mat. The warm liquid runs straight through the pink lace fabric, spilling out onto the vinyl mat. Now it's Vanessa's turn, and she has the unfortunate task of trying to "twist" on a slippery wet play mat. There's just no way she'll be able to keep her footing now that Samantha has turned a simple game of Twister into a heated game of Slip-N-Slide. If you can't beat 'em... join 'em, right? So Vanessa unleashes her own river of golden pee onto the game, adding to the already-large puddle of fun. As the blondes splash and slide around in the aromatic fluid, playing with each other's dripping twats, both girls find themselves highly turned on. An exchange of golden showers leads to some hot piss swapping with each girl getting a turn to sample the other's precious nectar. When their growing passion leads the lovers to the bed, out comes a massive black toy, tapered and bulbous for maximum stretching ability and perfect for bringing out the squirting orgasm in any pee-loving babe. By the time their game of Twister comes to a close, both Vanessa and Samantha are tingling from head to toe from an evening of golden showers and trembling orgasms.

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Samantha Jolie, Vanessa Hell
Released on:
Nov 8, 2014
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