Daphne & Iris Amore — From The Box

Girlfriends Daphne and Iris love shopping and Daphne can’t wait to show Iris her latest purchase; a monstrous black dildo. The girls test out their new toy, seeing how far they can get it down their throat before giving it a wash in fresh warm piss. The dildo is very big and the girls must prepare themselves for it. They start with some wet foreplay as Daphne drenches Iris’s new skirt in fresh piss. This is what Iris lives for and can’t help but bend over to taste Daphne’s piss flavored cunt. Loving the taste she must have more. Climbing up onto the table Iris lets loose and covers Daphne with a golden shower, licking up the warm liquid from Daphne’s body. The girls are now ready to test out their new dildo slowly entering it into their warm pink pussies. The dildo isn’t the only toy these girls want to play with. Always up for a new adventure the girls experiment with fisting, experiencing the pleasing feeling of a fist filled pussy. They could go on like this for hours, however the girls are ready for some more wet pee play. Covering the table and each other with fresh puddles of piss is what these girls really love and don’t hesitate to douse each other in their warm pee, taking special care to aim directly for the face. Wet and satisfied Daphne and Iris relax until their next shopping adventure.

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Daphne, Iris Amore
Released on:
Aug 27, 2015
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