Age: 21
Height: 167 cm / 5' 6"
Weight: 52 kg / 114 lbs
Breasts: B
Country: Czech Republic
Rating: (4.76/5)
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Pissing Video Hat Trick
9 Sep2015

Hat Trick

Stunning Daphne and Iris can't wait to play with their new dildo, but first they want to pleasure each other with their golden pee. Redhead Iris pees over Daphne's pretty face and the pair kiss before... Show more

Duration: 35 min 54 sec

Pissing Video The Competition
13 May2014

The Competition

When naughty babes Daphne and Zena decide to have a contest to see who can squeeze out the most pee, there's only one problem. What do they do with all of this excess liquid? The piss-hungry duo comes... Show more

Duration: 42 min 12 sec

Pissing Video Daphne and Violette
8 Oct2013

Daphne and Violette

Violette and Daphne are stunning piss loving lesbians. The two girls start off in lingerie showing off their petite tight bodies. Holding a cup of their own piss, the ladies start kissing and touching.... Show more

Duration: 32 min 28 sec

Pissing Video Keithy and Daphne
30 Jul2013

Keithy and Daphne

Keithy and Daphne are pissing lesbians who love to spray their straight streams of piss all over each others clothes and tits. Once the clothes are fully soaked, they strip them off and wring them out... Show more

Duration: 23 min 6 sec

Pissing Video Classy Daphne
12 Jul2013

Classy Daphne

Classy Daphne dances around in her sexy red lingerie. Wearing no panties, she feels up and down her own body, getting more and more turned on as time passes. She sits atop her clear glass chair and lets... Show more

Duration: 20 min 19 sec


From The Box


A Competition


Violette + Daphne C


Ladies Night


Daphne+Keithy C


Keithy Lessons


Daphne C

28 Jul2016
WetDesire said:

Daphne may be perfect. There is nothing I could improve upon - truly beautiful!

19 Feb2016
Bronte1 said:

I agree! Daphne is perfect! Beautiful, sexy, and very very naughty and dirty! Daphne really is the complete package... Why is it some women get everything? So pleased she is happy to share herself with us!

04 Nov2015
Pee Pee Girly Girl said:

Eyes, smile, hair, boobs, legs, ass, cunt ... From head to toe, Daphne has been formed by the gods to be sexy, hot and beautiful.

05 Mar2014
Saotome64 said:

Let me be the first to acknowledge here what a fantastic girl Daphne is. Her looks have improved - and she was hot to begin with. She may break the thermometer eventually.

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