Age: 19
Height: 160 cm / 5' 3"
Weight: 50 kg / 110 lbs
Breasts: B
Country: Slovakia
Rating: (4.71/5)
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Pissing Video Desire
4 May2016


How much can a girl learn from a sex ed book? Dafne's not sure, but she's anxious enough to find out. Naomi, however, is more of a hands on type, and she's very interested in teaching Dafne how it's done.... Show more

Duration: 37 min 37 sec

Pissing Video CouchSurfing
13 Aug2015


Naomi and Nicole come together for supercharged display of beauty and purity. The dark purple couch they reside on is all that they need to make theirs an unforgettable affair. The girls set a hectic pace... Show more

Duration: 44 min 41 sec

Pissing Video Selfies
7 Apr2015


Gina is taking some selfies when she solicits Naomi to help her take some pictures she can't take on her own. Things get naughtier and Gina asks Naomi to photograph her as she pees on the sofa. Naomi joins... Show more

Duration: 39 min 58 sec

Pissing Video Backdoor Angelina
9 Sep2014

Backdoor Angelina

When slender, dark haired beauty Angelina feels a tingling sensation growing between her legs, she knows she needs to satisfy her urges right away. She stumbles upon the perfect opportunity when she finds... Show more

Duration: 35 min 35 sec

Pissing Video Naomi and Victoria
25 Mar2014

Naomi and Victoria

Naomi and Victoria love a little piss squirting action and they can't seem to get enough. Check out these two as they take turns pissing into each other mouths and catching it with anything and everything... Show more

Duration: 32 min 46 sec








BackDoor Club


Naomi Sweet

28 Jul2016
WetDesire said:

Naomi is beautiful and one of the best models here - reliable, sexy, smiling and a great pisser - Cannot ask for more than that!

19 Jul2016
RudderMan said:

One of the sexiest girls on your site, who seems to get dirtier with each new video. Her writhing on the floor while Nicole Vice pees on her is infinitely rewatchable.

16 Aug2015
Bronte1 said:

Naomi is so sexy and nasty. Her peeing and lesbianism is so beguiling! I simply cannot get enough of her, so divine is she - and her smile is so irresistible!

26 Feb2015
Pewter1 said:

What a delightful model. Lovely smile. Would love to see her again.

28 Oct2014
Saotome64 said:

A total hottie, she just needs to do something different with her hair. Her body, her eyes, and her smile are perfect. No implants needed here either. Please keep her coming back for more.

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