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Gina is taking some selfies when she solicits Naomi to help her take some pictures she can't take on her own. Things get naughtier and Gina asks Naomi to photograph her as she pees on the sofa. Naomi joins in and pees on Gina's leg. It's evident that Naomi needed to go, peeing through her red pants with a trailing stream down her leg. Gina is left jaw wide open, impressed by how much Naomi is able to pee. Naomi gives Gina's toes a lot of tlc, sucking on them for what would normally fetch a high price. Naomi takes Gina's piss straight into her mouth several times, swishing and splashing it back into Gina's mouth. The girls then take a semi-69 position. What should be a good licking from Naomi to Gina is interrupted as Gina's magic hands bring Naomi to an involuntary pause, overly satisfied by Gina's handiwork. Communication without words is crucial, and Naomi lets Gina know when she needs to pee simply by bringing her hand towards her crotch as Gina uses a dildo on her. The outcome is a great shot as Naomi shoots a solid stream straight back onto Gina's tongue. The girls finish off by peeing into a large glass and taking turns spraying each other with it's contents. Naomi waves goodbye after Gina gestures a kiss in our direction. All is almost said and done when Gina runs back to the filming area with an eager "I go some more, guys". That is some serious dedication on her part.

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