A Dry Flower

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Violette's flower is pretty dry after being freshly planted. She could use a little moisture to help perk it up. Her lover has no problem assisting in the fresh soaking. Violette opens up wide and enjoys the clear urine as it hits her tongue. He continues to soak her every where, drenching her clothes till they are dripping. He uses this chance to wring out her clothes into her mouth. Mmm she loves the taste. Now it's her time to release some morning urine. She squirts her piss onto his dick as its rock hard and enjoys the feel of it gushing out of her tight, shaved pussy. They swap some clean urine from mouth to mouth being careful not to let a single drop go to waste. He lubes her up and continues to explore her body, this time plunging deep into the gapes of her asshole. She enjoys every minute of it! She is one dirty girl and after fucking in the pile of dirt, it's time for a little urine shower. He eagerly washes her off and she will thank him but taking a nice hot load in the mouth. You'll never look at gardening the same.

Starring: Violette
Duration: 37 min 20 sec
Tags: Anal - Blowjob - Boy Girl pissing - Close pink - Piss drinking - Pissing in mouth - Pussy Wash - Rinse Job - Squirting - Wet toy

Rating: (4.59/5)

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